What do my results mean?

Checking the resultsThe test results you receive will determine whether you need to give a wormer or not. Some tests will indicate a level of parasitic burden present in the animal and it will be accepted that a small number is acceptable or even beneficial to stimulating the immune system. Other parasites are more dangerous and any indication of infection will warrant worming treatment.


Other Animals

Your results history

A full history of all your test results is available to view anytime by logging in to your online account. You will also be able to view your orders and tell us a bit more about the animals in your care.   

These pages provide general information on currently accepted veterinary guidelines for interpreting worm count results in otherwise healthy animals. If you would like to discuss your horse or avian results with one of our SQPs then please don't hesitate to get in touch for our free veterinary approved advice or to contact your own vet, SQP or vet pharmacist. All are trained to advise and prescribe wormers if required.