Your Winter Parasite Control

Winter is a great time to add a reduction test into your worming programme. A reduction test checks how effective a treatment has been and whether any wormer resistance may be present. We build one into the subscriber programme in winter because:

  • We're most likely to treat proactively at this time of year for encysted small redworm.
  • The treatments against small rework re som of our most important to preserve.

Reduction Testing is a 3-Step Process

Decide when you're going to give your treatment for encysted small reworm. The is usually between December and February, 8-12 week after your last worm egg count.

  1. TEST: Take a worm egg count in the usual way (and a tapeworm test if you are due to do one at this time of year.) Await the results.
  2. TREAT: With the appropriate worming product.
  3. TEST AGAIN: If the first worm egg count was positive then 10-14 days after treatment please send in the reduction test worm egg count included in your winter subscription pack. This will monitor whether any resistance is present to the chemical that was used. If the first worm egg count came back as <50 e.p.g. then there's no point in testing again; save your reduction test to do at a future time.