Horse Worm Count Kit


Worm egg count kit to test for infection levels of adult, egg laying redworm and roundworm in equines, including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Test kit includes everything you need to take and send a sample including pre-paid voucher(s) for laboratory testing.

Simply select how many horses you wish to test between 1 and 9, all samples to be returned together in the envelope provided.  If you would like to test on multiple occasions please purchase our 4count season pack.

Kit price includes:

  • a pot to collect a faecal sample for each horse
  • an information leaflet
  • a voucher for the laboratory processing of the tests
  • a single vinyl glove
  • a single pre-paid envelope to send the sample(s) to the lab
  • a worming record card

Test price includes veterinary approved worming advice from our friendly team of qualified SQP's if required. Please phone, email or contact us on our Facebook page.

  • kit for 1-4 horses £9.95 per horse
  • kit for 5-9 horses £9.00 per horse
  • kit for 10+ horses Please purchase the commercial pack

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What our customers say

Horse 4Count Season Pack


Horse Owner

I have a tricky horse, he can have a worm burden even when his fellow herd mates do not so I have to keep an eye on this with regular checks. I have used Westgate Labs worm counts for many years now and thankfully as a result of their reliable, efficient service we are on top of the situation. 

Thank you Westgate Labs, much appreciated.