Chicken Roundworm or Ascarid (Ascaridia galli) in Birds & Poultry

The poultry roundworm or ascarid (Ascaridia galli) can infect chicken, duck, quail and turkey. They are large creamy white worms, up to 7cm long that live in small intestine and burrow into the gut causing damage, inflammation and a reduction in nutrient absorption. They are one of the most common worms of poultry, of concern due to direct life cycle and the ability of the eggs of this parasite to survive extreme environmental conditions. 

poultry ascarid or roundworm


Roundworm have a 35 day lifecycle but it can take +5 weeks from infection for the parasite eggs to appear in excreta on a worm egg count. Other symptoms includes weight loss, diarrhoea, fewer eggs and anaemia and it can migrate to the oviduct and appear within eggs.


Large burdens may cause blockages and death. The recommended treatment is Flubenvet.