Liver Fluke Test Kit


Worm egg count kit (with pre-paid voucher) to test for liver fluke in equines (including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules) and other grazing animals. To test equines for liverfluke we follow guidelines from Glasow University and test using three separate faecal samples taken from the same animal on three consecutive days, refrigerating the first two samples before posting to us on the third day. For best results test February - May when the eggs are most likely to be shed.

Kit Price Includes:

 3 pots to collect faecal samples for each horse
 an information leaflet including detailed instructions
 a voucher for the laboratory processing of the test(s)
 a small supply of vinyl gloves
 a single pre-paid envelope to send the sample to the lab

Test price includes veterinary approved worming advice from our friendly team of qualified SQP's if required. Please phone, email or contact us on our Facebook page.