Equine 4Count PLUS Season Pack




Westgate Labs' 4count PLUS season pack contains everything you need to target a horse’s redworm, ascarid and tapeworm control for 12 months.The kit includes 4 worm egg counts and two EquiSal tapeworm tests in a strong A4 paper wallet, no end time limit on use.

If you are following a targeted parasite control programme based on testing and only using essential wormers then the 4count PLUS season pack offers a conveniant way to buy your tests for 12 months of testing. Worm egg count every 8-12 weeks and tapeworm test every 6 months.

One pack contains everything you need for four worm egg counts, suitable for the testing of all equines including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules and two EquiSal tests

Each kit contains all you need to test one horse throughout the year but can be used for multiple horses:

  • 4 x pots to collect a faecal sample from your horse
  • 4 x vouchers for worm counts
  • 4 x pre-paid post bags
  • 4 x compostable gloves 
  • 2 x EquiSal test kits
  • 2 x return envelopes for EquiSal 

We’ve made as much as possible in this pack compostable/recyclable and we’re working hard on the rest. The A4 folder is fully recyclable and compostable, printed with biodegradable matt laminate on FSC registered paper. Please re-use or recycle where possible; 

Test price includes veterinary approved worming advice from our friendly team of qualified SQP's if required. Please email us [email protected]

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