Avian Test Results What do my results mean?

We will identify and count any worm eggs seen in the sample to determine if your bird(s) have worms and whether to worm or not. We are likely to see:

worm count results

  • Ascaridia (Chicken Roundworm)
  • Eimeria (coccidia)
  • Capillaria eggs seen
  • Bunostomum (Hookworm)
  • Tapeworm eggs seen
  • Syngamus trachea (Gapeworm)


If worms are identified then treat your birds with a course of Flubenvet 1% in feed for seven days. A 60g pot will be enough to treat a 20Kg bag of feed which would last 25-30 hens one week.

Test again in 8-12 weeks.


When cleaning your chicken houses use an appropriate disinfectant that is licensed to destroy worm eggs. Try to move your run to fresh ground periodically to prevent a build up of worm eggs on the pasture.