Equine Worm Count Kit - commercial yards of 10 of more


Worm egg count kit for yards of 10 or more horses to test for infection levels of adult, egg laying redworm and roundworm in equines, including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Test kit includes everything you need to take and send a sample including pre-paid voucher(s) for laboratory testing.

Yards of 10 horses or more can access the postal worm count service at our commercial rate of £6.25 per sample - that's £7.50 including VAT. A minimum of 10 samples to be returned in one go please.

Yards of 30 horses or more cost £5.83 per sample- that's £7 including VAT but expected to be returned in one go.

Kit Price Includes:

  • a pot to collect a faecal sample for each horse
  • one voucher for the laboratory processing of the tests
  • a single pre-paid label/box to send the samples to the lab
  • a single compostable glove

Test price includes veterinary approved worming advice from our friendly team of qualified SQP's if required. Please email [email protected]