Seasonal Parasite Control Spring

The tantalizing signs of spring in the air with brighter, lighter evenings are a welcome sight for any horse owner. It’s enough to cheer the soul even if it does bring with it the joys of mass moulting and a rising risk of parasite infection!

We are here to provide you with peace of mind for your horse's health with our range of easy to use lab tests and our free vet approved advice from our friendly experts. Check out our cost effective Season Packs or, for total confidence and peace of mind, our All Seasons subscription service.

Spring worm control is time to:

What to do when will depend a little on your management routine and personal choice along with the risk factor of your horse. Young, old and rescue horses will need more consideration at this time of year than healthy adult horses. Remember testing can help to reduce the need for chemical wormers by up to 82%! Essential with the rising problems of drug resistance we're facing.



Targeted Worming Programme


If you blood tested or treated for the possibility of encysted redworm in the late autumn/winter then now is the time to resume the regular testing programme. Don't delay your worm counts this Spring to make sure you're on top of any potential problems.

Tapeworm time

We’re also advised to consider tapeworm every six months, either in Spring and Autumn or Summer and Winter, so you may need to address this too, our preference always being to test first. Target tapeworm with an EquiSal saliva test to determine whether you need to dose or not; only 27% of horses tested for tapeworm actually need a wormer for it so odds on you'll be saving giving another wormer.


The other parasite to keep an eye out for is the perennial pinworm problem which has also been extremely prevalent this year – perhaps because horses are kept in closer confinement over the winter and so are more likely to reinfect themselves from where they rub.

Watch for signs of tail rubbing or discomfort, a sticky substance around the anus or bean sprout type worms appearing in the droppings. Check with an adhesive tape test if you suspect a problem.

Mares & Foals

If you’re expecting foals on the ground this year congratulations! Foals and youngstock require much more proactive treatment than older horses, you can find our handy guide for worming mares and foals here.

Stay vigilant this Spring and if you need any help with your worming then please contact our friendly team for free, veterinary approved advice.


A cost effective way to organise your routine tests for the year is with our great value 4Count Season Packs containing everything you need for one horse for a year, or it can be split for multiple horses.

The 4Count pack contains x4 worm counts for redworm and ascarids, while the 4Count Plus pack also contains x2 EquiSal saliva tests for tapeworm.

Both packs offer a great value way to target your horse’s redworm and roundworm control for the year ahead.


SUBSCRiption service

Spring is the perfect time to choose our award winning subscription programme for the ultimate in simplicity and peace of mind for your parasite control.

With six different subscription types to suit your horse and your budget and helping you spread the costs of parasite control across the year, you receive a bespoke plan for each horse and the tests needed to target the right parasites at the right time, sent direct to your door.