Surviving Summer Parasites & Heat

During the summer months the UK can now experience some quite intense heatwaves with some areas achieving sustained temperatures in the mid to high 30°C's. These are temperatures that our horses are not acclimatised to and as horse owners we are better conditioned with dealing with the wet!

So - to scrape or not to scrape?! We had an interesting chat with Laura Szuca from Equilibrium Products on a Facebook Live to talk all things summer horse health including the lowdown on the latest research on cooling horses. Laura shared some great tips such as using fly rugs as a cold compress to bring relief, safeguarding against dehydration and fly protection while Claire from Westgate talked about internal horse parasites, sand testing to guard against the risk of sand colic and looked at ways to encourage some helpful horse pasture friends - Dung Beetles!

If you missed it live, it’s all available to watch again below:

Surviving Summer watch again