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The term poultry used here includes chicken, duck, goose, guinea fowl, pigeon, partridge, pheasant, quail and turkey.

The use of regular worm egg counts to monitor your birds for signs of parasite infection means that you only need to step in with a treatment when the test indicates worms are present. 

Test every three months to use targeted worm control for your chickens and give you peace of mind that your birds aren’t carrying unwelcome parasites that will impact their health, while reducing the need for regular worming doses. Or for

You can choose to test individual birds or to test a composite sample, for up to 5 birds, from groups that are housed together.


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When it comes to worm egg counts not all tests are created equal – here at Westgate we have a purpose built laboratory specialising in worm egg counts for grazing animals and we test thousands of samples every week. We have rigorous processes to ensure you get the correct result for each animal using the industry standard ‘Modified McMaster test’ process to generate your result.

All samples are tested on the day they are received in the lab with results returned on the same day too!

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