Farm Animal Worm Egg Count Kit


Worm egg count kit to collect and send a faecal sample for testing using the modified McMaster technique. This is a broad spectrum test to monitor for the majority of egg laying parasites in farm animals. Test kit includes everything  to take and send a sample including pre-paid voucher(s) for laboratory testing.

With only a few animals in your herd or flock you may like to test individually. Alternatively you can choose to collect a composite sample for every 10-20 animals. Simply select how many tests you wish to conduct, all samples to be returned together in the envelope provided please.  

Please identify the species of animal when submitting your sample. We test sheep, cattle, goats, llamas, alpacas and reindeer as well as horse, domestic poultry and other grazing animals. We are unfortunately unable to test pigs, camels or birds of prey. 

Kit price includes:

  • a pot to collect a faecal sample for each individual or group
  • a voucher for the laboratory processing of the tests
  • a single compostable glove 
  • a single pre-paid envelope to send the sample(s) to the lab in one go. If you need additional envelopes to return samples on seperate occassions please order them here.

If you need followup advice on what to worm with please consult your vet or R-SQP in store.

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