Young Learners & Pony Clubs Find out about pony parasite control!

All things wormy!

Horse lovers are never too young to start learning about this important aspect of horse health. We have gathered together some key learning and some fun facts about worms in horses.

You can also have a go at completing our fun, free online course (aimed at 12 years +) all about the importance of parasite control for your horses. It includes around 30mins of interactive, informative quizzes and videos and everyone who completes receives a downloadable certificate at the end. 


Find out some fascinating facts about parasites and how to keep your ponies healthy using the links below:

Life of a horse Worm
how are horses infected by worms?
What damage can WORMS do?
testing for worms
under the microscope
What to do when
What else can help? 
what's that in my horse's poo? 

The links below to videos, facts and advice on our main website and so may need an adult to help better understand some of the more scientific information.

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Horse Parasites

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