EquiSal Tapeworm Test

The innovative EquiSal tapeworm test is a simple to use saliva test that detects harmful tapeworm infections in horses. It works by scientifically measuring antibody levels to the tapeworm parasites that the horse produces. This accurately detects levels to give a result of low, borderline or moderate/high and indicates whether treatment is required.

The test was developed by Austin Davis Biologics and is available direct from Westgate Labs. Unlike the ELISA blood test, owners can take samples themselves without the need for a vet using a specially designed saliva collection swab that is inserted into the horse’s mouth.

Watch our video on how to take an EquiSal saliva test:

Horses must not have eaten, drunk or been exercised for 30mins prior to sampling.

  1. Place the cotton swab into the interdental space where the bit would go and let the horse mouth the swab.
  2. The indicator at the base of the tube turns pink when enough saliva has been collected. This could take between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes depending on how wet the horse's mouth is.
  3. Place the swab into the tube of preservative solution
  4. Add the barcode to the tube and post in the return envelope to Austin Davies at the Kettering address. The envelope is prepaid so no need to stamp.