Personalised merchant service

Personalised merchant service

Westgate offer a bespoke service to shops and merchants, particularly useful for those with an SQP in store.

This system enables retailers to become more involved with a client’s worming programme which could increase visits to your shop and bring about add-on sales.

The tests

Regular worm egg counts should form the basis of any targeted parasite control programme. Get your clients to test for redworm and roundworm every 3 months in Spring, Summer and Autumn, adding in a dose for the possibility of encysted redworm in the winter (December to February). 


Targeted worming

We also offer pinworm, lungworm and liver fluke tests to offer your customers if the need arises

Equine Parasites to test or treat for

The service

We provide you with all the paperwork you need, customised with your logo and information. You sell the sample pots and pre-paid envelopes to the clients. They fill in the sheet with horses names and send off dung samples to the lab. We fax or e-mail the results to YOU and bill you each month for the tests and the number of pre-paid envelopes used.

No upfront costs

Although this means slightly more work for you there is greater involvement with the client and no need to pay up-front as we only bill you for tests carried out and pre-paid envelopes used.

Free Marketing Material

We provide you with an attractive A4 show card to advertise your service in shop along with customised brochures and digital material to share on your social media channels.

For more information ask for a free sample of the direct merchant service please call 01670 791994 or e-mail Kristy Hodgson