Subscription Terms & Conditions YHL Offer 2021

ALL SEASONS SUBSCRIPTION; Two months free offer

Subscription to the All Seasons service can be made either via the website or by contacting Westgate Labs. By subscribing you are entering into an agreement and acknowledge that your subscription has re-occurring payments and so accept responsibility for monthly charges, prior to cancellation. Payments to be made by your chosen and provided payment method which must be current, valid and accepted method of payment. The offer is for two months of subscription free of charge, the payment schedule will begin in the third month. You authorise us to charge your monthly subscription fee to your payment method. Subscription will continue month to month and payments continue for an indefinite time until terminated through cancellation by you or us. There is no contract and you can cancel the subscription at any time after the first three months of registration. You can re-subscribe at anytime following cancellation. Cancellation is not eligible for a credit or refund. Cancellation by you at any time during the first three months, from date of subscription registration, will incur an administration charge of £40.00. We reserve the right to decline subscription or the application of a subscription at any time for any reason. To cancel your subscription or change your payment method please email us via

We will send your test kits to you first class on the first working day following sign up.

To subscribe you must have registered an account with us. Subscription can be managed through the 'My Account' section on the website or by email via The subscription is based on the individual horse and tailored to that horse using the details you provide during registration and/or through further discussion with us. In the event of a change in horse ownership you are able to re-subscribe using the new horse details. You warrant that all the information supplied by you is true, accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

All Seasons subscription plans may change over time in content and price. This could be, but is not limited to, increased costs incurred by Westgate Labs, changes to age, activity, health of your horse of following feedback from you to add elements to your subscription. The pricing structure is not guaranteed indefinitely for the subscription period. You will be informed of changes to subscription plans made by Westgate Labs no later than 30 days. Cancellation terms apply.

Subscription to your chosen plan provides you with access to the Westgate Labs total parasite test control service. You will be sent the right test at the right time of year in accordance with your All Seasons parasite control programme. As an example the monthly subscription plan for a Healthy Adult Horse provides a worm egg count or appropriate test sent approximately every three months. This therefore includes on average x4 worm egg counts, x1 resistance test and x2 Equisal saliva tests. The monthly subscription plan for a High Risk Horse e.g. foal or veteran horse, provides a worm egg count or appropriate test sent approximately every two months. This therefore includes on average x6 worm egg counts, x1 resistance test and x2 Equisal saliva tests per year. Additional parasite tests such as for resistance, pinworm, lungworm or liver fluke, above the allowance for the All Seasons plan subscribed to, can also be accessed annually up to a total value of £25.00, at no further charge to you. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee to cover any additional costs greater than a total of £25.00 per horse per year. Test results for worm egg counts will be returned by Westgate Labs within 24hrs of receipt, unless otherwise notified. Equisal saliva test results will be returned within 7 working days, unless otherwise notified.

All Seasons subscription does not include the provision of any wormer to treat a parasite burden. Subscription does not guarantee to protect your horse from a parasite burden.