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EquiSal Tapeworm test for yards

Westgate Labs is an approved distributor of the innovative EquiSal tapeworm test, specially developed to measure infection levels of tapeworm in horses.

The EquiSal Tapeworm Test is a simple to use ELISA test that measures the antibodies to the tapeworm parasites that are present in the horse's saliva. Unlike the blood test which is the traditional method of testing, horse owners can take samples for the EquiSal test themselves without the need for a vet. It has been rigorously tested and validated so you can have every confidence in relying on your results. Add regular (twice yearly) EquiSal tests to your worm count programme to target your worming for tapeworm.

Simply take the saliva sample from your horse using the simple swab collection kit and return it in the prepaid bag to the manufacturers at Austin Davies Biologics. A complex laboratory procedure will be undertaken to give a score and determine whether worming is required.



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The EquiSal test can sometimes take a little longer to process than a worm egg count, meaning it could be a few days until you receive your results. Westgate will then send you your results by your preferred method and can provide any follow up help and advice you require from our qualified team of SQPs.

We keep records of all your EquiSal tapeworm test results and worm count results which can be referred to at any time. Our records are all confidential and we will never disclose your details or results to a third party unless requested by you.

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