Horse Owners Lungworm test kit

Lungworm Test Kit

A faecal sedimentation test that can be used to detect the presence of lungworm in equines. A parasite most commonly found in donkeys, it is rare for lungworm larvae to develop to full maturity in horses, though young, old and immune compromised horses and ponies can be susceptible.

The sedimentation test separates out the comparatively heavy eggs of the lungworm from the faecal matter for identification under the microscope. Because of the laboratory process involved a larger amount of dung is required than for a standard worm egg count and it and takes a number of days to process the sample for identification. We will ask you to submit two sample pots of dung to complete this test.

Direct From the Lab

Order a pack through or secure online shop or call us on 01670 791994. Your pack will contain all you need to collect and send samples including a postage paid return envelope and pre- paid vouchers for the laboratory testing along with plenty of helpful information. Choose how many horses to test and buy the right number of kits.

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